Marketing attribution tools

Using Marketing Attribution For Newbies – 5 Steps

Marketers are increasingly held accountable for their department’s impact on the bottom line. Making the shift from wild guesses to controlled performance measurement is a great leap forward, or rather, it’s just five small steps. Here’s how to get started with marketing attribution. Learning to spend both halves effectively Measuring marketing performance has been a[…]
Marketing automation

Marketing Automation AND Attribution: The Unbeatable Team

Marketing automation tools help streamline inbound marketing and keep things humming for lead nurturing. But for a complete 360 view on your marketing efforts, marketing attribution is a logical next step. This article tells you exactly how marketing automation tools AND attribution technology will help you enter the realm of marketing genius! Marketing automation has[…]
Customer Journey

Customer Journey – Make it Smoother with These 3 Steps

A customer journey can become pretty complex. Master the skill of mapping customer behavior across the funnel, and outperform the competition while you can. Here are three things you can do to optimize every customer journey. Walking the “Customer Journey” walk Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Understanding how customers behave across the funnel will[…]
Facebook conversion pixel

How the Facebook Conversion Pixel Really Works

Need to know the full impact of marketing on your customer acquisition efforts, across all channels? Using the Facebook pixel shows you only part of the picture. Instead, using attribution tools allows you to see conversions when they occur, and even give full insight into why they occur. Facebook’s ad returns are huge. How are[…]
Radio attribution

Radio Attribution – Time to Turn Up The Volume (Part 1 of 2)

The effectiveness of offline radio can now be measured with online attribution tools. Marketers can prove ROI for radio ads in minutes. It’s music to your ears. Play it loud! The radio is still on, louder than ever  Radio ad spend is said to increase 12.3% over the coming three years. In an age where[…]
Email view-through pixel

Introducing The Email View-Through Pixel – Credit Where It’s Due

Measuring email effectiveness can be difficult. You can now measure the precise value of individual email opens, rather than clicks, to get greater accuracy on the effectiveness of your email messages. Discover the real value of email. Email isn’t in a slump. It’s how you measure it Email marketing is very profitable. For every dollar[…]
Google attribution

Can You Use Google Analytics For Attribution?

A lot of marketers want to know if they can use Google Analytics to attribute customer acquisition events back to marketing programs. Are you one of these marketers? Read on to get your answer. For many companies, free tools like Google Analytics are the first and easy step in monitoring visitor behavior on their websites.[…]
Attribution for ecommerce

The Secret to Improving Online Sales: Attribution

Every online retailer should be using attribution to map customer journeys and measure the effectiveness of advertising programs. Those that do are able to optimize existing ad spend and find more customers to ultimately boost revenue. Attribution is the holy grail for marketers when it comes to understanding buyer behaviour. It allows marketers to analyze[…]

Get Attribution for Your Shopify Store and Boost Your Sales

To grow sales at your Shopify store, you need to know exactly what your buyers are doing. Adding attribution illuminates your top sources of buyers and the entire buyer journey. You’ll sell more to more buyers. Shopify is huge and yet still growing faster than ever. Today, 400.000 online retailers use it to sell $34[…]

3 Steps to Get Started With Attribution

Marketing attribution enables marketers to know exactly which marketing efforts are resulting in new customer acquisition. Here are three easy and simple steps to get started with attribution today. Attribution is expected to play a huge role in future marketing and business strategy. Check out these mind blowing marketing attribution stats. Attribution is the future.[…]
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