Impartial Multi-Touch Attribution

Start maximizing your return on ad spend. See all the ways customers touch your brand. Present analytic evidence of marketing performance.

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Are your marketing dollars well-spent?

LeadsRx maps each step of a prospect's journey to becoming a customer. From initial outreach through nurturing programs, and even all steps in the sales pipeline, LeadRx marketing attribution identifies each touchpoint using a universal tracking pixel that automatically learns about your specific marketing programs.

Using LeadsRx, you'll know exactly where every marketing dollar is going and how it pays off.

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Conversions Attributed Across the Funnel

Give credit where credit's due

With full-funnel, cross-channel attribution from LeadsRx, there's no more guesswork or complicated processes to assign credit to various touchpoints. Credit is automatically given to touchpoints that matter most making attribution an analytic science and not a specialized art.

Using LeadsRx, you can include a variety of conversion types in your attribution modeling. From form completions and in-bound phone calls to completed orders and even sales stages from your CRM, conversion analysis across the sales funnel is now a reality.

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Touchpoint Performance at Your Fingertips

Incorporate an agile marketing practice

Real-time insights from attribution reports lets marketers adjust programs while they're in-flight. No more waiting for month-end reporting, LeadsRx provides constant feedback on how each touchpoint is performing including Google Ad clicks, Facebook referrals, radio and television, and even direct mail.

Using LeadsRx, you'll get the analytic insights you need to make immediate decisions about your marketing mix.

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Transparency Captured at Every Step

Understand the customer journey

Today's customers have their own way of discovering and trusting your brand. From organic searches and social referrals, to ad clicks and broadcast advertising, there are hundreds of touchpoints that each illuminate the path from prospect to customer.

Using LeadsRx, you'll have full transparency into the path of conversion for each and every customer.

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About LeadsRx

LeadsRx helps companies prefect their customer acquisition strategies while increasing sales and reducing acquisition costs. More than just an attribution app, LeadsRx offers a complete platform for robust analysis of all marketing channels without the need for coding or complicated set ups.

Enterprise Caliber

Cross-channel, full-funnel marketing attribution for any size enterprise. View customer journey maps and push profiles to Salesforce. Integrate call data, direct mail, prospecting, and more.

eCommerce Ready

Integrated with Shopify and other leading eCommerce platforms. Compare attributed revenue to advertising costs. See which channels attract the highest-paying customers.

Broadcast Attribution

Compare radio and television to digital. A/B test campaign messages, programming, dayparts, and more. Credit long-tail conversions to broadcast advertising.

Auto Dealer Attribution

Capture known as well as anonymous conversions for car sales. Upload sales data to see the complete Return on Ad Spend. Incorporate broadcast and digital advertising touchpoints.

About Attribution

What it Does

Marketing attribution connects the dots between marketing programs and customer acquisition events so you know what's working best to deliver revenue.

Attribution Models

LeadsRx supports seven different attribution models so marketers can switch between them in real-time and learn the differences. Read more about the various attribution models here.

  • First touch
  • Last touch
  • Closer touch
  • Any touch
  • Linear multi-touch
  • Weighted multi-touch
  • Algorithmic attribution
Wondering what the difference is between Google Analytics and attribution? Learn more here.
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"I have several clients using LeadsRx and each are impressed with the breadth of the solution, the user interface and the company has great customer support"

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